Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -- Q&A

1. Shipping time

Shipping time varies depending on many reasons. But on average it takes 15-20 days to arrive at your doorstep. However, on some rare occasions, it can take up to 35 days (but it almost never takes that long).

2. Why I received several packages?

In order to deliver orders to our customers ASAP, sometimes (for large orders) we ship in several stages to maximize efficiency (USPS tends to deliver small packages faster).

3. What Payment options are available?

We use PayPal by default (the majority of our customers choose to use it).
But you can use any Debit/Credit card as well -- in order to do that: once redirected to PayPal page choose the option "Pay with Debit or Credit card instead". That's it :)

4. Why am I billed with a different currency that I saw at the Store?

Please note that our Store works internationally first. And for that reason, we have a built-in Currency converter, but the final bill will be in our Store's default currency, which can be different to yours. To make this a bit easier for our customers: for customers whose 'home' currency differ from our default one -- 2% discount is built-in for ALL products Store-wide.

5. I have a question not listed above, what do I do?

For any questions -- feel free to hit us up at

Or you can message us via Facebook Messenger at our official Facebook Page:

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